Hey There,

Just wanted to provide an update on where we are with our shipping schedule and some news about SDCC and the rest of this year’s releases.

Catwoman: We are just about done shipping every Catwoman Maquette. The factory forgot to include a bit of foam in some of the packages, so we are now opening, inspecting, placing foam and repackaging. It’s mostly the international customers because of the distance the packages will have to travel. It’s so time consuming, so I appreciate you bearing with us.

Batman and Nevermore: Both are almost finished and very close to shipping to the US. I’ve explained how the Batman and Robin bases interlock, so it took a bit longer than we had hoped to make sure this would come off perfectly in production. Some good news on the “Nevermore” Spot and Clock. The clock will be a real working clock. I’ve seen some samples and videos of it and it adds a really cool element to the piece. I’ll include the Batman Certificate photo (pic is the unsigned cert).

She-Ra, Skeletor: She-Ra is almost finished and Skeletor is being produced. She-Ra includes three Swarovski Crystals per busts and the order was so large it was backordered…but now we have them and production is almost finished.

Classic Penguin: Penguin is in production and shouldn’t be much longer. The samples we are getting back look amazing.

RuPaul: RuPaul has been a major hit for us and he should be on the way to the US this week. As of today, we only have 30 left to sell and the maquette will be sold out 100%. So thrilled especially considering we are only half way through the season.

What to look forward to: We are already gearing up for SDCC, and will have a few new pieces in all of our lines to show off as well as announcing a few brand new items. Between now and then we are going to be shipping the above pieces like crazy, and will be putting up two pre-orders. Eddie Munster and Yvonne Craig Batgirl. Yvonne will be signing all of the certificates and is heavily involved in this project. As for SDCC, we will see one item go on Pre-Sale on Thursday, July 10th…our Batman Returns Catwoman! I love showing you folks works in progress, but this one is going to make her debut on Thursday. It’s looking so incredibly awesome, we want to make a splash with her. We have a really SPECIAL exclusive for the folks ordering directly from Tweeterhead. It’s been a dream working on this project and all the cool additions that will come along with the maquette.

Please feel free to email me at chad@tweeterhead.com or Debbie at Debbie@tweeterhead.com if you have any questions. If I’ve missed any email, I apologize.

Chad cert front